Sudden Disappearance of all Amazon Drive Files - 2017 - 01 - 23 - * RESOLVED *

A very strange Amazon Drive issue popped up just a few minutes ago where all content in Amazon Drive is being shown as missing and Amazon Drive is empty. Looking at the storage management details shows that there is still content, but it cannot be viewed via the Amazon API or the Amazon web client.

It appears that Amazon has corrected this. Amazon Drive seemed to be impacted by this for about 40 minutes.

An unfortunate effect of this Amazon Drive problem is that all locally synced files will become placeholders after Amazon Drive starts correctly listing your items again. Since Amazon was reporting that the drive was empty, odrive synced against that information.

We want to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

A cloud storage service provider, like Amazon Drive, should never, ever return an empty list of items with a 200 OK response unless the items are actually not there. There is a required trust in the sync relationship that the service provider is providing accurate information. The cloud service is considered the authoritative source for the linked storage and when changes are made on the remote they need to be synced to local, as per the sync relationship. In this case Amazon Drive returned false information, which odrive then acted on.

The team is discussing what steps we can take to guard against this type of major service provider failure in the future.

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