Stuck in Waiting

My Odrive is stuck in a “Waiting changes will auto retry” state and doesn’t seem to come out it. I’ve unsubscribed and relinking everything, yes that helped for a day but it’s back to being stuck in waiting. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get it running for any length of time.

My system is a 2019 Mac-Mini with a OWC RAID 5, and a Verizon fios gigabit connection.

Hi @r_speth,
If you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu, it will also write out a local file in the default odrive folder called “current_odrive_status.txt”. That can give more information and should show a reason why the items are in waiting.

What storage are you syncing to?

Report sent.
I’m syncing to Amazon Cloud Drive.

Hi @r_speth,
I took a look and it looks like the local database, which keeps track of all of the sync states, is in a bad state. The only way to correct for this, unfortunately, is to rebuild the local cache, which means an uninstall and reinstall.

Important notes:

  • Since you have files on the local system that have not been uploaded yet, you will want to copy those out to another, safe location before uninstall.
  • Once your local files and folders have been copied to a safe location, uninstall odrive and then install again and login. (How do I uninstall odrive?)
  • Move the copied files back into the proper locations in odrive and sync should resume without any more issues.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above steps.

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If I can’t get oDrive to work how do I know what are the files I need to put in a safe location???
I have close to 100,000 files, I can’t check each one, that I why I’m using this software.

Isn’t there another way?


Hi @r_speth,
The items that are in waiting should be the ones that have not yet uploaded. In any case, we can also try to do an odrive folder substitution after the reinstall, so that odrive will end up operating on the same folder and then scan it for local/remote inconsistencies.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Uninstall odrive using the instructions from How do I uninstall odrive?. Uninstall will rename the current odrive folder, as a backup. More on that below.
  • Install odrive again.
  • Once odrive is back up and running, make sure it is working properly.
  • When you uninstall odrive it will rename the current default odrive folder to a backup name. You will find this folder in your user home directory named odrive_[current date and time].
  • Exit odrive after you verify it is now working
  • Rename the current odrive folder to odrive-bak
  • Rename the backup folder that the uninstall created back to just ‘odrive’.
  • Start odrive again

odrive will see the folder and process the content in it. If you have lots of content it could take a while for odrive to finish processing, but once it has you should then be able to proceed as normal.