Odrive stuck for 12+ hours

Hi Tony, Odrive is now stuck (with 113 items in “waiting” for the past 12 hours). I’ve sent a diagnostic, and I found your you-must-reinstall procedure at Stuck in Waiting . Is that the proper solution? Thanks.

Hi @allen,
Can you try just a quick restart of odrive? There errors I see are network exceptions communicating with Dropbox. I need to look more into what these specific errors mean, but I think a restart of odrive will clear them up right away and allow things to continue.

We may just need to tighten up the network exception handling for this specific error.

That got it started again. There used to be significant problems with Dropbox in the previous version, especially with the CLI. The new version had appeared to fix them, but I guess not. Whatever you did, do more of it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update @allen!

This particular network error is actually not one we’ve seen before. It indicates that the port may have someone been in-use or blocked in some way, but we’re still looking into it.

Let me know if you see this behavior again.