Starting oDrive for first time with files already downloaded

My onedrive has over 2TB in it. In preparation for the reduction to 1TB that’s incoming, I’ve decided that the first step is to ensure I have a local copy of the whole thing on my NAS. However, my home connection isn’t great, so I’ve downloaded the files at work and then uploaded them onto my home NAS in the hope I can set up a sync through oDrive to keep everything synced up with onedrive (i.e. only a relatively small amount of files will need to be down/uploaded).

However, I haven’t found a way I’m comfortable with of setting up oDrive to point to the already existing files - it seems to generate cloudf placeholders in the onedrive directory.

Any tips or advice on setting this up properly?

Hi Peter,
I want to make sure I understand the use case here, so can you answer a few questions for me?

  1. How much data is currently in your OneDrive account now?
  2. You now have the whole 2+TB sitting on your home NAS?
  3. You want to keep the data on your home NAS, but sync a subset to OneDrive? How large is that subset?
  4. Have you thought about using Amazon Cloud Drive so you don’t have to worry about the 1TB limit? :wink:


Hi Tony,

I fear I didn’t fully explain myself - I want to sync the whole thing.

To answer your questions:

  1. 2.4TB
  2. Yes
  3. no, I want to sync the whole thing. But when I setup oDrive and point it to sync with that folder, it just creates the .cloudf folders in the onedrive root instead of checking existing files against the cloud.
  4. Yes, but Amazon are yet to bring unlimited storage at a reasonable price to the UK. Also looking at OpenDrive as an alternative.

So an ‘image’ of my onedrive data, all 2.4TB is now on my NAS, taken from a complete download earlier this week, and I want to ensure that setting up oDrive will keep everything synced, and update any changes from the last week, without downloading everything again over my poor home connect.

Does that clarify a bit more?


Yes thank you Peter. One more question: How are you planning on dealing with the shrinking OneDrive space, when that kicks in?

As for you use case, normal odrive behavior is very similar to other sync clients in the “sync scope” sense. odrive will sync anything that is put into the odrive folder.

Now, we have just released a “pro sync” feature that will allow you to create sync relationships with any folder outside of odrive to any location inside an odrive linked source. This means you could right-click on your backup folder(s) and select them for syncing to the corresponding locations in OneDrive. We perform a best-effort comparison on the remote data and the local data to see if the local data is the same as the corresponding remote data in the same folder. If it is, we will mark it as synced without re-uploading.

Pro sync is a paid feature. You can find out more information from the Pro Sync page:


Thanks, but I think I’m still not explaining it right. I want my NAS drive to be my normal odrive folder, I just want to ‘pump-prime’ or ‘pre-load’ all the data so it doesn’t need to download everything from scratch.

[edit] or to put it another way; my entire onedrive data is currently duplicated on my NAS, and I’d like to use oDrive to now keep it in sync.

As to what I’m doing when onedrive shrinks, don’t know. That’s part of the reason I bought the NAS. if Amazon offer a decent price for unlimited in the UK, I may go for that. If not, openDrive looks like a possibility.

Hi Peter,
We don’t officially support putting odrive on network drives. It is possible, which you probably have already seen, but there can be some quirky behavior in terms of delays in picking up changes and sesnitivity to network drops or latency.

Its an advanced use case, which is why we have been developing pro sync, which can facilitate this type of use case without having to move anything around.

If you do move odrive over to the other drive, you should be able to then drop your existing files into the odrive folder, in the corresponding locations to those files in the cloud and odrive will be able to determine that the files are identical and mark it as synced instead of uploading a new version. I would test with a small set first, though, just to make sure the behavior is what you want/expect.