Direct LAN syncing

is there anyway to enable LAN-aware syncing similar to Dropbox. I am syncing to a NAS that is on the same network (1000 Mb/s) some of the time so a direct sync that doesn’t go through odrive’s servers would be much speedier. this is mostly an issue for the initial sync but could be convenient when I create large datasets in the future.

I think one method to deal with this is with a PRO sync which compares local and remote files and avoids unnecessary transfers (based on my understanding). similar use case to Starting oDrive for first time with files already downloaded

Can you clarify how you are syncing or planning to sync to your NAS?

I have ssh access to my shares as well as smb. I set up a ssh sync.

All connections between sources and odrive are direct. If you are on your LAN, odrive syncs directly over your LAN to your NAS. We don’t need to route connections through the cloud.

taking longer than expected but good to know. thanks.

Make sure that when you link the NAS, you are linking against the local IP address (unless you have some form of split DNS enabled). You can actually link it twice if you want to have it available locally and remotely. Once against the local IP and once against the external IP. Of course, you will only be able to use the local IP link on your local LAN.

When I do this I have to give the link a different name which then creates a new link on my computer… I got the impression from your message that I could make both links sync the same data?

That is correct. You would select that as well as entering the private IP of the NAS running ssh.