Some files in folder not syncing to local computer but folder shows blue icon


I am syncing a folder to my local computer but after drilling down there are files not synced. The folder I am syncing shows a blue icon but not all files in the folder have been synced. I was individually syncing files within the folder but it is becoming a hassle.

Please advise.


Hi @digiform,
Is this a large folder? Sometimes the bulk download operation can stop if it runs into too many errors when trying to download.

Can you try another right-click->sync on the folder, making sure “include subfolders” is checked and the slider is all the way to the right for “Everything” and then send a diagnostic if/when the operation fails again?

When you send a diagnostic, a local file is also created in the root of the odrive folder named “current_odrive_status.txt”. This provides some sync information and recent errors. Can you message me that file?

Hello, Yes I click on “include subfolders”. It is a large folder. I have sent diagnostics. Please advise on resolve. Thanks for your help.

Hi @digiform,
I took a look at the diagnostic, but it appears that the bulk download is still in progress there, so I don’t see any errors stopping it.

If this is a very large folder, you can try to force the download, regardless of the number of errors that may be encountered along the way, by using a script.

Take a look here for instructions on doing this and let me know if you need any additional info on trying it: How can I force a recursive download with the CLI?

Thank you Tony. I will try this out.

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