Some files cannot get synchronized - upload in loop - MacOS to onedrive

Hi there,
While synchronizing to my onedrive from my MacOS I got to the point where some files cannot get synchronized - file upload goes to 100% and then starts from 0% again. And it goes into loop.
The files are *.mp4 and *.mov - I did not experience other files doing the same (yet).
Onedrive is not full - only 50% occupied out of 1 TB.
It is not important into which folder I put them - always the same issue.
Out of 65000 files only few files (27 in this case) are getting into loop.
See below please:


The file is here:

While I tried uploading the same file using onedrive web interface it goes well:

And successful:

So I believe the issue must be with odrive somewhere.

I tried to compress the file (*.mp4 to *.zip) and tried again to upload it:

and the outcome is:

So it means: SUCCESSFUL.

One thing that might be helpful is output of “status” command - it shows errors on the server that apparently are not true as web upload was ok from web interface:

The client is 6374.

Hi @homonto,
I’ve sometimes seen issues like these with the OneDrive integration where certain larger files will not be accepted properly via the API.

Can you send a diagnostic so I can see if there is anything I can identify as a root cause here?

From the waiting status the “network connection” error usually indicates a generic network issue happened during upload. Fragment mismatch indicates that OneDrive was expecting data of a certain size and it ended up smaller (or larger) than it was expecting. Usually this also indicates some sort of network issue. Microsoft OneDrive error indicates a “unexpected exception” on OneDrive’s side, where they do not give a specific reason, other than saying there was a problem.

Hi @Tony,

I repeated with 1 file and the result is: the same. It goes to 100% and starts from 0% again.

I sent diagnostics as well.

Hi @Tony

The issue continues - see below please.
I sent diagnostics as well.


going to waiting status:

Restart syncing:

Hi @homonto,
Apologies for not replying sooner. I have been trying to reproduce your issue without success, so I have been experimenting with some different options for OneDrive upload. I may have a test build for you to try tomorrow.

How would you characterize your internet connection? Is it stable? How fast, in general, is your upload speed?

Hi @Tony

My internet is Fiber 25/25Mbps.
But I am currently in Africa and there is no guarantee for each particular moment that it is fully ok.
I think the issue is related to unreliable internet, HOWEVER I would expect odrive to be more robust - don’t ask me how but more reliable :wink:

But again: I have no inside how your soft works and what are the criteria for repetitions or so.

This one file described today - DSCF2607.RAF - repeated few times and it went through. Others - described few days ago in initial message - were not going through - so you see: it is difficult to conclude.

Hi @homonto,
Here is a build that tweaks the OneDrive upload a bit. I’m not sure it will help your situation, but it might:

Thank you @Tony

testing :wink:

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