Slack files with the same filename not syncing

I just started using odrive with Slack, as Slack has very poor file-handling capabilities. Here’s the issue: When users upload files from iOS devices to Slack, it usually gets named “Image from iOS.jpg” or “Image uploaded from iOS.jpg”. I can see these all on odrive in the web browser but they are not being synced locally, I’m assuming because they all have the same filename. Is there a workaround/solution for this?

Hi @jason8,
Unfortunately this is a limitation. The odrive app can’t download more than one file of the same name to the same path on the filesystem (the operating system won’t allow it), so odrive will download the latest “version”.

I know this can cause usability issues with sources like Slack, if users upload files with generic filenames. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Would be a great new feature if odrive could download the file anyway and just append the date/time to differentiate filenames. Since Slack -> odrive is one way, this wouldn’t run into sync issues or anything.

Hi @jason8,
I think this is something we can look at.

odrive actually does two-way sync on Slack. If you add a file it will post into Slack, although I know a lot of folks use it just for backup/export.

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It took a while, but we now support listing all files with the same name in our latest release: