Show last few updated items via notifications and sync log

Sometimes the odrive icon animates and then stops, and I’m not sure what it’s just done.

It’d be nice to see (perhaps in the icon’s menu), a list of ‘recent’ updates. Perhaps just the last 5 files that were synced in any direction.

In addition, perhaps you could also add an option to have pop-up notifications similar to Dropbox?


More good suggestions. These are also on the list for further noodling. I agree that these would be very helpful, especially the notifications.

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So long as you can choose to turn off those notifications (without turning them off for the whole of odrive via Windows settings).

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Yes please … in my case thats the only feature that i will need to use odrive as my daly driver in case of cloud storage.
The folders of the cloud drives should be checked for new files or changed files every hour. Then the Folder and subfolders should change their states .
And a File change should be written in a simple Textlog that could be opened in the odrive menue…
Also cool would be if i can navigate trough the logfile directly to the updated file…

Thanks Santa :wink:

This request is now 1-year old…

Any progress?

Notification of what’s being updated, and by who is essential when working with a group of people.
Please work on this feature request

Hi @andy.hartono,
We don’t have any immediate plans to add this, but it is definitely something that would be nice to have. We do have sync logging coming that will be exposed to users, however.

yes this feature is totally needed. I was wondering why odrive was constantly syncing. I finally found that it was stuck on a file with some invalid name. I sync between my linux and windows box so sometimes there are some file system limitations that confuse odrive. If there’s a log file that would be so useful!


You are in the same umbrella as dropbox and google drive. How is it possible you dont have notifications for Odrive ??? How has this not been addressed yet ??

Hi Tony

I cant imagine this is a complicated feature to update. Please can you and the team do something about this. There is a serious need !!!

Thanks for your feedback @devonkruger1.
It may seem easy, but it actually requires a good amount of work to do this right. I hear you, though, and understand the benefit of this type of a feature.

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I think we all can respect how much work goes into the simplest software changes, not to mention testing it. Has this made it somewhere in the queue though?

The next major release (the one we are all anxiously awaiting), will have much greater visibility into what is happening, what has happened, and what may need attention. Notifications isn’t in there yet, but it is also planned.

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Looking forward to see this feature, too. For most of the time I’m uploading quite big files which I would love to unsync as soon as they are added to cloud to free space on my local drive. Right now I have to occasionally check the progress and find the synced files manually. Simple notification when given file has finished uploading would make the whole process much easier.

Two years and counting…
What about splitting this request into two: 1) a sync log and 2) GUI for notifications or view the last few minutes of the log?

Perhaps the sync log is available already for your diagnostics. Could users take advantage of it? Even if it’s rough, we could figure out a way to parse it and peruse through it.

Any thoughts on cooperative development? I saw a new thread on macros. Perhaps there is one for scripts. Anything shared could give your dev. team a head start on incorporating it into the code.

I neglected to update this thread before, but we added a detailed sync log to the client, which can be accessed from the odrive tray menu:

We also added passive notifications for items that are recently added to the “not allowed” list and passive notifications for low disk space in any odrive mounts. We would like to also add recently synced items as passive notifications and are considering it as an enhancement in an upcoming release.

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detailed sync log is SUPERB useful - thank you @Tony

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