Share Link takes you to home page

Now whenever I or anyone I send or have previously sent a share link to try to access the share it takes you to Odrive home page/signup page.

when did this come in to effect and is this now a permanent default where anyone i want to share a file with now has to create an account?

It’s a little disappointing as one of my favourite features of Odrive was being able to send files to people with no strings attached and it was great for sending to people with very limited computer skills.

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Hi @Lee_Cutler,
Thanks for reporting this. This is not intentional. We must have a bug with the latest release that wasn’t seen in development. We’ll get this taken care of ASAP.

Update: We should have the fix out for this within the next hour. Apologies for the inconvenience


Thanks for the update Tony.

Just checked and we’re back up and running again.

Thanks Tony!

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No problem Lee ! Sorry for the trouble.