SFTP sync issues

So I moved, changed my ISP. My SFTP shows up online but doesn’t sync on computer. Files just stuck at 56%. I’m getting an SFTP error when trying to sync deletes. Any ideas?

Hi @roachapproach,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look?

What is the SFTP provider?
SFTP syncing worked fine before your ISP provider switch?

Diagnostic sent. The SFTP is a QNAP NAS on my network. When I go to manage storage on the web, I see all the files no problem. File sync is just hanging up.

Clip0150 stuck on 56%. I was in the middle of syncing when I had to move. After getting NAS back online at new place It hasn’t synced.

Hi @roachapproach,
I am seeing a lot of network exceptions of these two varieties:
Operation timed out
Network is down

If you ping the NAS from that system for a while, do you see any dropped packets or high latency?
What if you try creating an additional link to that NAS on the local network (use the local IP)?

I have a .@__thumb folder on odrive.com but not my NAS. Can that be the problem? I think this is an old Premiere Pro Temp file.

I deleted these files and it fixed the problem.

Wow! Nice work discovering that @roachapproach. Odd behavior for that file. It seemed to be manifesting in a network issue. Possibly the discrepancy was causing an early abort in the upload attempts on the SFTP side, which was seen as a network break on the odrive side…?

In any case, I’m glad you worked it out. Thanks for the update!

That makes sense! I was about to get on a plane and cut off the transfer. Then when I got home I disconnected my NAS to back for the move. So guess it was freaking out.
Thanks Tony!

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Okay I lied. It worked for like 20 minutes and now I have 15 items pending to sync. It’s not even trying to sync anymore. Can I send you another diagnostics?

Doing some tests. So I uploaded a new file to odrive via web browser, it uploaded no problem. It shows up in my sync folder as .cloud file. I go to sync it and it gives me an smtp error. Could this be something wrong with my sync app? Anyway to do a full uninstall on a mac?

Hi @roachapproach,
Can you send one more diagnostic so I can take a look? Previously I was seeing a lot of networking issues and I am wondering if that is still happening.

If you want to try a full reinstall you can do so by following these uninstall instructions and then reinstalling:

sent. I rebuilt the entire network, I hope there’s no more network issues.

I did this as well and sent a second diagnostics. It look like I can download and sync other linked drives just having smtp errors on the NAS files.

Hi @roachapproach,
I’m still seeing network timeouts in the diagnostics when you are trying to perform operations on the SFTP link.

Let’s try linking it via the local IP instead of the remote IP. To do this, add another link, but select “Private Network” and use the local IP when linking. After its done, restart odrive and you should see the new link. See if you have better luck with this direct link.

If it is still giving you problems send another diagnostic and we’ll see if the errors are the same.