Odrive appears to be busy syncing, but I can't see any activity

Hi, I’m having a continuous sync issue. Can I send you a diagnostics? It’s not showing me what’s syncing, the odrive logo just keeps spinning, for weeks now.

Hi @roachapproach,
Yeah, go ahead and send a diagnostic and I’ll take a look.

Sent. Thank you!


Hi @roachapproach,
I took a look and I see that the ‘Maven Cloud’ SFTP link is hitting a lot of limits when refreshing the content (to look for changes). You can try a couple of things:

  1. Increase the ‘Max concurrent connections’ setting on the link (https://www.odrive.com/account/myodrive)
  2. Unsync areas that you do not need immediate access to to reduce the sync scope for odrive

Increased Max connections. I’ll try and un-sync some items. Thanks!

This all seemed to start after I updated my QNAP NAS. They added a new feature called “Snapshot” https://www.qnap.com/solution/snapshots/en/

I’m curious if this is what caused it.

Figured it out. After my last Qnap update, my local IP changed. Thank for the help!

Hi @roachapproach,
Interesting! So the SFTP server is your QNAP and the local IP had changed? I would’ve expected to see some connection errors in the diagnostics, but I can only get a small snapshot, so it may not have hit one during that time.

Does it seem to be working better now?

Yup. Everything syncing right up now. I had to update my router port forwarding.

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Great! Thanks for the update.

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