SFTP not refreshing folder listings automatically

Hey, I’m having a similar problem, so I figured I would jump in on this thread instead of start a new one.

I have odrive setup to connect to my linux box via SFTP (via SSH - there is no “ftp” server running) and it connects successfully. When I put a file in the odrive folder on my windows box it immediately uploads it via SFTP to my linux box.

So far so good, but I can only sync files from the SFTP odrive folder to my windows computer if I refresh the folder. For other linked storage a new .cloud files appears a few moments after something has been added to that storage location. If new files are added to that location (e.g. I put a file in there on my linux box) it only shows up if i manually refresh the folder. Same thing if files are removed from the linux sftp server, they look like they are still there until I manually refresh on my windows box.

Maybe this is all working as it is supposed to. I guess it would make sense to only refresh ftp/sftp servers manually. I just couldn’t find anything about it in the manual or on the forums.

Thanks in advance.
And I freaking love odrive!

Hi @dan,
Since SFTP (along with FTP and a few others) has no method of requesting changes, odrive needs to periodically look in each folder for changes. Since this can be expensive, it is not done nearly as often as requests to services that provide a change list (most of the major cloud storage providers).

odrive will eventually pick up the changes, if you wait, but you will need to refresh if you want the changes picked up right away. Browsing into the folder should also kick-off the refresh

hey @Tony
Thanks for such a fast response. I kind of figured that would be the case. It doesn’t actually cause any problems. It’s one of those things that if you are sitting there staring at it trying to troubleshoot something you notice, but after I just went back to work I have not really noticed at all. odrive is working great with my SFTP server. I’m so glad you have that option in there.

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No worries @dan!

Just FYI: I ended up slitting this topic off to a new thread to better help anyone else with a similar observation/question.