My FTP folder does not sync


Hi everyone,
I have several accounts linked to my odrive, for ex.: Drive (3), Dropbox (1) and a FTP from my work host. It’s been a while since the FTP folder does not sync. I tried searching the web for this issue but with no luck.

Any help? I would much appreciate it!

I’m running Mac OS 10.11.6.

Hi @jarismendyc,
Can you tell me what happens when you try to use the FTP link? Do you see an error?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu after trying to perform a few actions on the FTP account?

Keep in mind that there is currently a limitation using the odrive web client with FTP links. They will not work with the odrive web client, but should be fine with the odrive desktop client.

Hi Tony,
Thanks for the quick response.

No error, actually nothing happens, I move a file or folder to a folder or subfolder inside the FTP, the file/folder copies in the folder but there is no sync. (no syncing or checked icon appears)

I’ve been using the FTP through odrive since October i think and everything was syncing fine until last month, it seems something happened that it stopped syncing.

Regarding web or desktop client, I’ve always used the desktop client.

I’ve sent the diagnostic.


Hi @jarismendyc,
I took a look and, unfortunately, the error coming back is a generic socket error, which doesn’t give me much to go off of. Is it possible to create a test account for me to try so I can take a deeper look?

The error may indicate a change in their FTP implementation when negotiating the connections handshake, or something else.

If you are able to provide credentials, please PM them to me instead of posting here.

Hi @Tony,

Sorry for my ignorance on these questions…
Where can I PM?
What credentials are we talking about exactly?


Hi @jarismendyc,
I just sent you a PM.

Hi @jarismendyc,
I was able to take a look at this. It appears to be an incompatibility with the low-level FTP library we are using and the Pure-FTPd version that your FTP server is running.

I am able to use standard FTP (not SFTP) fine.

What type of access do you have to the FTP server? There may be a way to enable a compatibility mode that will allow odrive to work properly.

Hi @Tony,

I understand.

Regarding the type of access, until now I’m the administrator. What exactly do you have in mind to enable compatibility?


Hi @jarismendyc,
There is a command line parameter ( -b ) you can use when starting Pure-FTPd that will add compatibility for “broken clients”.

It does a few things, but one thing it does is disable the “ONLY_ACCEPT_REUSED_SSL_SESSIONS” internal requirement. That should do the trick.

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