Security question ... when does the odrive desktop client NOT go direct to cloud?

I would like to know the list of circumstances where the odrive cloud gets in the middle of the transactions between the odrive client and the cloud storage service.

I would like to avoid using such circumstances at all times.

Hi @james1,
All interactions between the desktop client and the linked sources are direct to the source except when using odrive Spaces.

odrive Spaces allow you to share any folder with anyone, which requires a special data flow, with a strict security model. For odrive Spaces interactions, the raw data is streamed (TLS encrypted) from the source to the requesting client/user via an odrive proxy.

Additional information regarding web client transfers:

Doesn’t the proxy also come into place when i’m just sharing a file without using the spaces feature? Or do I mix something up? All the time when I share files, my co-workers download from an odrive frontend and via

(To me, that’s also the most problematic feature to date: Always having the odrive frontend and proxy in place. I want to use odrive to avoid having to install different cloud software for all my clients. But I don’t want my clients to need to use odrive. They want to continue to use their cloud software. For example, no one of my clients is able to add the odrive folder link to their Onedrive App. They would need the direct OneDrive Link instead, which I can not generate from odrive. Thus, currently, I’m using odrive and Air Explorer side by side (odrive for progressive syncs, Air Explorer for share links), but would love to use just one. Also had put this feature request up for this to be considered: Forward Share-Link to Cloud Frontend, not Odrive Frontend)

Hi @bastigruenwald,

That is correct. The question above was asking about the desktop client, however. I’ll post the link to that conversation regarding the web client, for others to reference: