Saving laptop disk space?

Hi guys,

I am currently using the free trial premium version of odrive. Since I have access to everything now, I don’t know what is it really like until it is over.

What I want to know if I link multiple cloud accounts onto odrive, then I sync some files that I need onto my PC. When I am done viewing or editing the files, can I simply delete the duplicate files on my PC to save space ?? (All while retaining the master files on my clouds?)

Is there anyway around the feature “unsync files” ?

Hi @deadpool,
Unsync, which is part of our Premium subscription, is the proper way to deal with this. It allows you to uncache local data, replacing the entires with placeholder files, and leaving the cloud data where it is.

Without unsync, you can unlink the account, which will remove the linked account, and its content, from the local computer, but leave the cloud data untouched.

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hi tony thx for the rely.

Okay in regards to the second option in regards to unlinking my cloud account.
Say on my cloud I had an original folder of 10 files.

If I download that folder containing on my PC then edited & deleted some. I end up with 5 new files…
How can I proceed using odrive to continue the next steps of updating my cloud files so they all match?

Hi @deadpool,
That sounds just like standard sync. When you modify the files within your linked account inside the odrive folder they will be automatically uploaded.

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ah yes lol. I forgot to add the part after… the new files are automatically uploaded, I wanna delete the files that were uploaded to the cloud from my local drive. Since the files are synced, it would delete all files from all points. Is there a way around this that requires more tinkering?

unsync is the very essence of odrive - it will do what you need and more, there is also auto unsync that can do this automatically for you as well. seeing you still have the free premium trial you should give it a spin - I bet as you use it more and more you will see how essential it is, any work-around would not be usable by mere mortals and just plain would not work well enough