Right-click won't work on odrive icon in icon tray (Windows 10 Anniversary)

Here are the results:

C:>powershell -command “& {$comm_bin=”$HOME.odrive\common\bin";$o_cli_bin="$comm_bin\odrive.exe";echo “Downloading CLI”;(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile(“https://dl.odrive.com/odrivecli-win”, “$comm_bin\oc.zip”);$shl=new-object -com shell.application;echo “Extracting CLI”;$shl.namespace("$comm_bin").copyhere($shl.namespace("$comm_bin\oc.zip").items(),0x10);del “$comm_bin\oc.zip”;echo “Done!”;ls “$comm_bin”;}"
Downloading CLI
Extracting CLI

Directory: C:\Users\Ronald\.odrive\common\bin

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name

-a---- 7/18/2016 12:49 PM 3691 CU_Uninstall.ps1
------ 6/10/2016 10:21 PM 13308728 odrive.exe
-a---- 8/29/2016 2:19 PM 181616 OdriveOpen.exe
-a---- 8/30/2016 9:57 AM 4 version

C:>powershell -command “& {$comm_bin=”$HOME.odrive\common\bin";$o_cli_bin="$comm_bin\odrive.exe";$(& “$o_cli_bin” status);}"
odrive Make Cloud Storage THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

isActivated: True hasSession: True
email: ronald@gothelf.org accountType: CloudDrive
syncEnabled: True version: prod 5914
placeholderThreshold: alwaysDownload autoUnsyncThreshold: never
downloadThrottlingThreshold: unlimited uploadThrottlingThreshold: normal
autoTrashThreshold: never Mounts: 1
xlThreshold: never Backups: 0

Sync Requests: 0
Background Requests: 0
Uploads: 0
Downloads: 0
Trash: 15359
Waiting: 0
Not Allowed: 0



You can see in the output that there are over 15k items in the trash, which is unusual. I believe this may be causing the non-responsiveness in the odrive tray menu. You can run this command to get a list of what is in the trash:

powershell -command "& {$comm_bin=\"$HOME\.odrive\common\bin\";$o_cli_bin=\"$comm_bin\odrive.exe\";$(& \"$o_cli_bin\" status --trash);}"

Did you delete or move a lot of items from the odrive folder recently?

I went into the web portal of odrive and there was a folder that appeared there, that did not actually appear in my folder directory on my computer. I deleted that folder.

But that folder did not actually appear in my folder directory on my computer. Will the right click return after I reboot my computer? BTW, I think this problem started yesterday, and I deleted the folder using the web interface this morning. Not 100% sure. Will the problem fix itself when I reboot?

Is there a way to fix this, so I can get my ability to right click on odrive back?

I think something will need to be done with the 15k+ items in the odrive trash first.

When you ran that command above, did you recognize the files it listed?
Do they all appear to be in the same folder or are they scattered all over the place.

If you want to output to a text file, so you can read them better you can run this command:

powershell -command "& {$comm_bin=\"$HOME\.odrive\common\bin\";$o_cli_bin=\"$comm_bin\odrive.exe\";$(& \"$o_cli_bin\" status --trash);}" > %userprofile%\Desktop\odrive_trashed_items.txt

This will put the list of trashed items into a file called "odrive_trashed_items.txt on your Desktop.

Well, I just sat down to tell you that the problem went away, because I checked it a few days ago and it had.

But it is back.

Hi @REG,
Do you still have lots of items pending sync in waiting, not allowed, or trash or are things cleared up now?


It still shows the 12569 in trash. Is there a way that I can delete them - if this is the problem?

Sorry it shows the 15359 in trash.

If you are okay with deleting the items in the cloud, then you can run this command from the CLI to empty the trash:

powershell -command "& {$comm_bin=\"$HOME\.odrive\common\bin\";$o_cli_bin=\"$comm_bin\odrive.exe\";$(& \"$o_cli_bin\" emptytrash);}"

Remember to take a look at the items listed from the trash command you ran previously to make sure you want to delete all of those items:

Thanks for this. Fixed the issue for me as soon as I emptied my odrive trash after killing and restarting the app. It seems to be a problem when too many items accumulate (which can happen when you have trash set to empty - never as I did) and odrive cannot enumerate all the items for displaying in the menu, crashing the contextual menu.


Thanks for the report @pavila. We plan to address this behavior in an upcoming release, but it is good to know that the issue can be dealt with this way, for now.


I am also seeing this crash behaviour of the task menu. My issue is a large initial sync that cause it to stop syncing. However the weird thing is that before the crash it shows network usage of 1-4MB/s upload as that is my bandwidth, but when it crashes, it shows about 4 MB/s upload but 2-3MB/s upload to odrive.exe and only 1 or so MB/s upload to Google Drive. Google drive also doesn’t seem to report any new files for a while. I have currently about 1277 pending changes which will probably go out to 10K+. These are all loads of small files. I am trying the previous commands above to see if i can see any crash information if it does crash again .

Hi @shane,
Can you clarify the upload speed segmentation? I don’t quite understand the split you are seeing.

For very large uploads it can hit some bumps, so just keep an eye on things. Upload behavior will be improved in our upcoming major release, but it still still several weeks out.

Hi Tony,

Uncertain what you mean by speed segmentation. But here is some info that may help. Also my computer did a reboot last night and this is just from the autostart function of odrive. The menu option of the task trak icon worked for a while with the last reading of 6000 waiting files before i can’t access it again. It looks like it is still working in the background though.

I am on a 100/40 mbps VDSL connection. My network activity via process monitor is as follows:

under Processes with Activities section
odriveapp.exe Send (B/sec) = 5,087,250 Receive (B/sec) 199,778 Total (B/sec) = 5,287,028
odrive.exe Send (B/sec) = 41 Received (B/Sec) 2,618,808 Total (B/sec) = 2,618,849

under Network Activity (address DESKTOP is local pc name, syd09s is google server)

odriveapp.exe DESKTOP 2,618,734 183
drive.exe DESKTOP 41 2,618,808
odriveapp.exe syd09s 2,304,714 176,078
odriveapp.exe syd09s 681,709 84,240
odriveapp.exe syd09s 643,140 20,304

output from the CLI Status function:

C:\Users\shane>powershell -command “& {$comm_bin=”$HOME.odrive\common\bin";$o_cli_bin="$comm_bin\odrive.exe";$(& “$o_cli_bin” status);}"
odrive Make Cloud Storage THE WAY IT SHOULD BE.

isActivated: True hasSession: True
email: shane@xxxxxxxxx accountType: Google
syncEnabled: True version: prod 6083
placeholderThreshold: neverDownload autoUnsyncThreshold: never
downloadThrottlingThreshold: normal uploadThrottlingThreshold: unlimited
autoTrashThreshold: never Mounts: 1
xlThreshold: never Backups: 0

Sync Requests: 0
Background Requests: 9
Uploads: 8
Downloads: 0
Trash: 0
Waiting: 8095
Not Allowed: 0

I appreciate your help. I will continue to monitor and if it is just that the task tray doesn’t work whilst big quantity of uploads are waiting for now I am happy with that, as long as the it continues to upload in the back ground.


Hi @shane,
I have a feeling that the waiting queue is what is causing the issue with the menu not showing.

You can get additional detail about the uploads adding --uploads to the CLI status command. You can also do with with the waiting queue (–waiting).

It looks like things are moving so, as you said, just let it do its thing and keep an eye on it.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the CLI commands. Will keep an eye on it.


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Hi Tony,

Just did the --Waiting link, getting a lot of Exceeded Google Drive request limits issues. I know currently google drive for business has a limit of 5 connections. Is there a way to limit the number of syncs threads to 4 or 5 ?


Hi @shane,

Right now you can’t control concurrency, but that is something that should be available in our next major release. odrive implements a back-off strategy if rate limits are hit, which is why you are seeing the waiting list growing. If you are uploading lots of smaller files, fast a furious, then you are likely to hit a limit, as Google has some of the most strict rate limits.

Can you send over a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I just want to take a look at the specific exception Google is giving.


Can this be done with the CLI or should i restart the odriveapp.exe to get access to the Send Diagnostics in the tray icon. The icon is currently non-responsive with the waiting growing. I am uploading a lot of small files.

If i need to reset, I will try to set the uploadThrottling to limited to see if this temporarily restricts the request limit breaches.