Question about Placeholder file(s) and syncing from service to service

Lets say I want to put a folder from Dropbox to Amazon Cloud, can I simply drag the placeholder (0mb) file from Dropbox to Amazon Cloud within Odrive and have it be done?

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This is not currently supported. You can read about the feature request here:


This brings me to another question then… Lets say I’m syncing to Amazon Cloud with Odrive…

On Amazon cloud there is a Folder, within my main Pictures Folder…

  • I want to “update” that folder with the current folder, can I simply drag the new “Folder A” (for example) into the Pictures folder and have it update all the new changes on my Amazon Cloud?

Here is the kicker, the folder “Folder A” on Amazon Cloud has TBs of data within it, this data must stay, the example folder “Folder Number A” is mirroring some of the file hierarchy to update particular folders within it… is the sync smart enough to “Sync”/“Update” the subdirectory folders without deleting all thats there, attempting to make it/mirror it to my computer…

Pictures/Folder A/Clients/2016/Client Name/Job Name

  • the only thing new would be the Client Name and Job name.
  • other years and clients would already be there
  • I would have a number of new paths for the app to sync (years, jobs, folders within folders) I just need to make sure it would “fill in the blanks” so to speak and leave everything else alone…
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odrive will sync whatever the result is on your file system. So if you merge content from one folder into another, odrive will look at what exists and sync up what’s new/changed.

Does that answer your question?

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