Pin folder to never unsync?

I use the “1 month” auto unsync feature but I’d really love it if I could have a folder I use for background images be pinned to my machine since for whatever reason it doesn’t look like on macOS this counts as modification or opening of a file.

Basically every 1 month I have to redownload this folder… Merp.


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Hi @christian.d.battagli,
Thanks for the feedback. To be clear, you would like to be able to exclude certain folders from auto-unsync?

Exactly, yep. Or improve upon the code that identifies when files are used to detect things like being sourced for background images. I’m not quite sure what the unsync policies are.

Any insight into those rules?


+1 from me please. This would be very useful

The current rules are applied globally, to all exposed folders, so it would require a change to the way that is done, but I have made the product team aware of this thread.

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I believe this feature doesn’t exist, so I am requesting it here.

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Thanks for the request @georgewhittam. This is still an outstanding feature.

It may be something that is more easily doable if we can add as a filter in our advanced configuration files, similar to what we do for the custom blacklists.

I will raise it to the product team, but unfortunately I don’t know if/when it could be done.