.One file continuously syncing

Hello Team,
I am using Odrive for sync files to Microsoft Onedrive for Business, i can see Odrive continuously syncing .one file which are not updated and due to that its not sycing other updated files and generating large queue for .one file.

how can i fix it?


Hi @onedrive,
The .one file is probably a Microsoft OneNote file. I know OneNote files can have difficulty upload because of the way they are written to and used.

Can you try moving that file out of odrive and waiting for everything else to sync, and then moving it back in to see if you have better success.

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Hello Tony,
Thank you for reply. i have good # of .one file and cant move it and team is using it.
Just send diagnostic from tool.


Hi @onedrive,
I took a look at your diagnostic and noticed that you have several things listed in “not allowed”, which makes it a little difficult to determine what else is going on. It looks like most of the items that are in not allowed are due to characters in the file names.

We have a recent build which we haven’t officially released, but should soon, that removed the pre-check for the ‘+’ and ‘&’ characters. These used to cause problems with OneDrive for Business, but that behavior seems to have been corrected by Microsoft.

Can you install this build and see if we can clear out those items? This may also help with the issue you originally came in with: https://www.odrive.com/s/7a96e245-03a6-4988-9fcc-ac79b4721912-5aa72882