ODrive Windows Agent - Where Is "Backup Activity Log" located on the filesystem

Backing up a folder to OneDrive is failing with the error message:

“Error(s) encountered during backup job. Please look at the backup activity log for details.”

When I click “Open backup activity log” via the ODrive system tray icon, nothing happens.

Where is the actual log file on the Windows filesystem?

Hi @ttargetsdef,
The backup log should be at C:\Users[Your User Name].odrive\log\backup.log

The sync activity log should also have the backup information in it. Can you check that?
sync activity log

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I just want to take a look at the configuration to see why we are having these issue with the backup log.

Hi Tony - $HOME\.odrive\log\backup.log doesn’t exist unfortunately. I’ve attached current_odrive_status.txt , so hopefully that helps.current_odrive_status.txt (2.5 KB)

I’m sure the error is related to my other thread specific to OneDrive file size (Is there a file size limit when backing up to OneDrive?) but I feel like backup.log not being created could be considered a separate issue.

Hi @ttargetsdef,

It looks like we have a sequencing issue on the first start-up after install. The log folder isn’t created until after the Backup service starts, so the log file isn’t created. We’ll get a fix for that in the next release.

In the meantime, a restart of odrive should start producing the backup log properly.