Is there a file size limit when backing up to OneDrive?

Brand new Microsoft 365 Personal account with 1TB of storage. Trying to use ODrive to backup a folder with 8 files - 7 are under 1GB and backup no problem. The other file is 150GB. ODrive always errors out with the message:

“Error(s) encountered during backup job. Please look at the backup activity log for details.”

When I click “Open backup activity log” via the ODrive system tray icon, nothing happens, and there doesn’t appear to be any relevant information in any log file under $HOME\.odrive\log

My theory is that there is some sort of file size limit either on the OneDrive side or the ODrive client side, but documentation for both doesn’t really speak to this at all.

Anyone know if my theory is correct? If it is, what is the actual file size limit specifically?

Hi @ttargetsdef,
Apologies for the confusion. Yes, you are correct. OneDrive has changed their size restriction over the years. When it changed from 100GB to 250GB last year, we neglected to change our check.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I think uploading single files in excess of 100GB is pretty uncommon, which is why we hadn’t noticed it until now. I’ll see if we can get you a new version to try today.

Thanks Tony - I appreciate your help! Would love to try the new version.

Hey @ttargetsdef,
Can you give this a shot, when you get a chance?

Worked great! Thanks Tony! Should the ODrive executable you linked me to be considered stable and automatically update itself moving forward? Or should I consider it just good for testing?

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Hi @ttargetsdef,
Yes, this change will be included in our next release and you will be able to upgrade to it from your current version, as per usual.