Odrive Sync isues

My sync seems to stop working often. I will get all my data synced between my PC and Amazon Cloud Drive. Then a month or so down the road all I have are Stub files (.cloud). I have it set to always download and always sync. Why does this keep happening. It makes it challenging for me to get to my photos when they disappear or never come down.

I can see all the data in Amazon so I know it is there. I need it local for performance reasons.

Hi @taddandrle,
There was recently an issue that Amazon had where they reported that user’s drives had no files. This caused all files to be turned back into placeholders, once they corrected the issue. See here for more details: Sudden Disappearance of all Amazon Drive Files - 2017 - 01 - 23 - * RESOLVED *

Aside from that issue, files should stay locally cached unless they are unsynced. Do you have an auto-unsync rules in place? https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-configure-auto-unsync

I have folders that say they are synced, but inside them they are not they have the stub file. When I right click on them I can choose sync but nothing happens. I do not get the option to choose sync now and include subfolders.

Hi @taddandrle,
Try minimizing all of the open windows on your desktop. Sometimes the sync dialog can be hidden behind other windows.