Odrive stop working

I have been using Odrive for sometime with several google and dropbox accounts. A couple a days ago odrive stop running (it could be more time as I was not paying attention).
I have a Macbook pro running OS X El Capitan.
The icon in the top bar disappear, when I relaunch the applications noting happens. I uninstall and reinstall and it’s the same. And, of course, the synchronization of files doesn’t work.

Hi @claracpvale,
Can you perform the following steps, please?

  1. Open a terminal session (type “terminal” in Spotlight search):

  2. Run each the following commands separately in the terminal session (copy & paste + Enter) and then paste the output here:

    Command 1:

    `"/Applications/odrive.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive" -v`

    Command 2 (if Command 1 does not open odrive):

    bindir=$(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1); echo $bindir;"${bindir}odriveapp.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive"

Command 1 Output:

Last login: Sat Jan 7 09:41:36 on console
claras-MBP:~ cainha$ “/Applications/odrive.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive” -v
Starting launcher with verbose output…
No product argument was passed in. Attempting to find product.conf…
Using path /Applications/odrive.app/Contents/Resources/product.conf…
Using /Users/cainha/.odrive as the installed folder path…
Attempting to mark the installed folder path as hidden…
Writing the product.conf file at /Users/cainha/.odrive…
Reading the version number from the version file…
Attempting to read systemAlertRoom from config…
Setting up diagnostics for buildNo: 6149, productName: prod, systemAlertRoom: 1358891
Creating launcher object…
Checking if another odrive process is running again to reduce the chances of a race condition…
Got OSError exception [Errno 2] No such file or directory
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 177, in main
File “/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Launcher/output/artifacts/build/odrive/MacOdrive/out00-PYZ.pyz/src.odrive_app.Launcher”, line 167, in launch
File “/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Launcher/output/artifacts/build/odrive/MacOdrive/out00-PYZ.pyz/src.odrive_app.Launcher”, line 98, in _launch_app
File “/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Launcher/output/artifacts/build/odrive/MacOdrive/out00-PYZ.pyz/subprocess”, line 711, in init
File “/Users/admin/hudson/workspace/Odrive_Mac_Master_Launcher/output/artifacts/build/odrive/MacOdrive/out00-PYZ.pyz/subprocess”, line 1343, in _execute_child
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Could not launch, which means the app is already running
claras-MBP:~ cainha$

Command 2 output:
Last login: Sat Jan 7 11:29:10 on ttys000
claras-MBP:~ cainha$ bindir=$(ls -d “$HOME/.odrive/bin/”*/ | tail -1); echo $bindir;"${bindir}odriveapp.app/Contents/MacOS/odrive"

After running the 2 commands the icon appeared in the top bar and is synchronizing.
Thank you very much

Update: After closing terminal window the odrive stop working again.
Opening terminal window and running again the 2nd command you gave me, made the odrive start working … so, a more permanente solution will be needed :slight_smile:

Hi @claracpvale,
It looks like the bin folder may be missing or have a problem. Try running this command from a terminal session:

killall -KILL odrive; killall -KILL FinderSyncExtension; sleep 5; cd "$HOME"; rm -r ".odrive/bin"; rm ".odrive/version"; open "/Applications/odrive.app"

This will reset the bin folder and re-run odrive. Hopefully this will clear out the issue.

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