Odrive Scanning Pause Button?

Hello @Odrive,

For weeks or months now, it seems Odrive had been trying to scan my files but while doing so, it makes my computer very slow that I always had to just quit Odrive eventually. I will run it while going out for hours but since it couldn’t finish the scanning till I come back and I need to do something on my system and can’t be coping with the slowness of my computer resulting from Odrive scanning, I just always quit Odrive eventually. In fact, this had somehow become like a game, run and later quit without finishing the scanning.

Why isn’t there a button to PAUSE the scanning pending the time that one finishes what one is doing on his/her computer and later UN-PAUSE the scanning to continue from where it stooped instead of having to always start all over again from time to time?

If that is made available, I believe the scanning would have finished since months I had been quiting the scanning process without ever finishing and always starting all over again from time to time.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
Can you send a diagnostic when you are seeing this so I can take a closer look at your application setup?

Thanks Tony.

I will run Odrive in the midnight today and then send diagnostic by early morning tomorrow morning (EEST) by God’s Grace.

Actually, I know I should be running Odrive every seconds but the way it was slowing my system couldn’t have allowed so.

I hope you get the diagnostic soon. Thanks so much.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
Can you try sending another diagnostic from the odrive menu? The last one didn’t come through, unfortunately.

Also, there is an option to stop automatic syncing at the very top of the odrive menu (Stop automatic sync). Some folks use that to disable automatic sync while they are performing other actions so that it doesn’t interfere. Have you tried that yet?

I just sent a diagnostic few minutes ago. I didn’t send anyone before.

My issue is not about syncing, I thinking the syncing is performing very well. My issue is that it seems Odrive was trying to do scanning of all my files and in doing so, it was making my computer too slow which couldn’t allow me to continue with my work until I exit Odrive.

So, I was thinking if there could be a kind of PAUSE BUTTON to pause Odrive for a while till one finishes his/her work and later release Odrive to continue the scanning from where it was paused.

Thanks @awoobforknowledge,
I will look into the ability to stop background scanning/remote queries.

In your diagnostic the current activity seems to be centered on odrive trying to come current with remote changes (of which there seem to be a lot). So you have another system or software that is routinely uploading or changing content in Amazon Drive?

“I will look into the ability to stop background scanning/remote queries” to STOP or to PAUSE?
I mentioned about PAUSE and NOT STOP.

I do not have another system or software that is routinely uploading or changing content in Amazon Drive. Except that I recently (just few days ago) re-installed Amazon Drive software and I do not use to upload but download. In fact, I will be uninstalling anytime from now as it seems useless.

I also recently installed Odrive2 and have only used to backdown so far.

Odrive is syncing properly from time to time but seems to try scanning all files recently but which I have not able to allow finish till I exit Odrive due to system slowness.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
It would have to be a stop, rather than a pause in this case (with the way things are done, it has to be this way), but that should still be helpful. It will not block manual syncing, uploading, or on-demand refreshing, but will prevent the background querying that can impact performance with large structures like yours.

Okay. However, will it continue the scanning from where it stopped or start all over again?

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
I has to start again, although it really needs to be like this. Once a decent amount of time has passed you can’t rely on older scan information, anyway, for sync accuracy. This is the reason scans need to be done periodically. Things can be constantly in flux.

Okay. Understood. Then, there is no need for the STOP/PASUE button, whatever it is named.

I think at the moment, I will have to get a second computer to be working with to allow Odrive to finish the scanning on my present computer for whatever the number of days it will take it to finish.

HI @awoobforknowledge,
The initial scanning shouldn’t take several days, but there will be periodic scanning done every few hours, as well.

Just to make sure something else isn’t going on, can you let odrive run over night (10-12 hours) and then send a diagnostic in the morning so I can see what is happening at that time, after left idle, but letting it scan in the background?

Okay. I will do that. Thanks a lot, @Tony!

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I sent the diagnostic about 24 hours ago.

However, Odrive had finished the scanning since about the last 12 hours or more.

Thanks for the update @awoobforknowledge. I’m glad to hear that the scanning has finished up. Are you seeing better performance now?

With good Internet, I think the 10-12 you mentioned is very correct for Odrive to finish the scanning . I observed this after improvement of my Internet.

Yes, there some amount of better performance.


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I think, with the diagnostic I sent in the past, there should be a better advice for my own situation (large structures) since whenever my system restarts, Odrive has to start the scanning all over again, which means I will have to wait for at least another 12 hours before I could enjoy using my system to some extent.

If I UNSYNC all my files and later only sync what I need to work with at a time, could that help in preventing the scanning from making my system to slow when my system just restarted or when Odrive is doing the major scanning?

Hi @awoobforknowledge,

Exactly! When you unsync folders you will reduce the scope of work that odrive has to do, since it can effectively ignore those folders, and the content inside them, until you decide you need them and sync them again.

Additionally, as mentioned above, the next version will have an option to disable the background scanning, so you can work as you need to do, and then turn it back on later.

GREAT! Thanks so much! Time to UNSYNC everything and only sync that I need at the moment.

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When I right-click a folder or file so that I can use the Odrive Syns/Unsync future among others, I don’t know why these days they don’t sometimes show up for me. I had been right-clicking since to unsync most of my folders and files but the Odrive sync/unsync menu options among others were not showing up.