Odrive not syncing some areas properly (inconsistent local persistence)

We are having a similar issue - but it is isolated to one user and one computer. We have odrive and AWS with an Org with 5 users. 4 of the 5 users have full sync capabilities. One user’s computer stops syncing at the 2nd level of folders and will not sync the sub-folders. Items she adds to the subfolders don’t go to the cloud and items others add are not accessible form her computer. Basically, her work is isolated from the rest of us.

We have tried rebooting and reinstalling the software but can’t seem to make it work. Any suggestions??

Hi @jreiner,
I’ve split this into is own thread for better tracking, in case we need to go over anything. I also sent you a quick e-mail response.

I confirmed with client team that they have sent over some instructions to you on resolving the issue on that machine. It boils down to deauthorizing to reset odrive and then moving the backed-up data back into the remade odrive folder.

Just let us know if you have any questions. I will keep an eye out and I’ve told the client team to keep me in the loop on this.

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