Move odrive folder to a new location

I need tech support please. I have an out of memory error - my Windows PC has 2 drives and odrive installed ont he smaller drive when I got this new computer. How do I move it to the larger drive?? Thanks

Hi @jreiner,
You can move the odrive folder to a new location using the “Move odrive folder” option in the odrive menu.

When you do this, the old odrive folder will remain where it is, and a new folder will be created at the location you specify, with all placeholders (.cloudf files).

You can then move the data from the original odrive folder (which is now considered a backup), into the new odrive folder, alongside the placeholders. The placeholders will be removed and odrive will sync the data you moved over.

Hi @jreiner,
I moved this to its own thread for better tracking.