Odrive mobile apps

The mobile app is under development and should be released alongside the release of the next generation of odrive. I don’t have a delivery date to give, but these new releases are our top Engineering priority.

Hey guys,

I’m just wondering what the status is with regards to releasing an mobile version of oDrive? I’ve had a quick look through the forums and you’ve eluded to working on a version…

With apps like Affinity Photo for iOS, a version of oDrive to sync and unsync files to/from my iPad Pro would be incredible. Would mirroring the desktop versions functionality on a mobile device even be possible?

Stu W.

Hi @SaucyWeeTart,
We have mobile apps for both iPhone and Android that are under development, currently. They are part of the next generation of odrive and will be released when that drops.

I don’t have a timeline to give, but the current state of the mobile apps already provide full browsing, download, and upload functionality. The iOS app also has integration into the iOS 11 Files app. We are working to get all of this stuff released as quickly as we can.

Damn, that’s fantastic news. Can’t wait to play about with this!

Top job, guys.

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Can you confirm if the mobile apps will have camera hook functionality, to allow automatic photo upload to a specific (or even multiple) cloud locations? This is really the only reason I have the mobile apps for my current cloud storage on my phone (over using the web interfaces).

Hi @yukihyou,
Automatic photo upload isn’t scheduled to be part of the first release, although you can upload photos manually. The product team knows that automatic upload is something a lot of folks want, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes it in a later release.

I am just wondering if the Android app is completed. I’ve taken a lot of photos with my Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone memory is almost full so I need to back them up to cloud. Though it’s OK to save them on computer but I want to double secure them by storing on both local and cloud. Currently I have uploaded and shared some great photos to FunForMobile which is a great website too. Hope to hear good news from you soon.

Hi @outletclarisonic,
The mobile apps will be released as part of the next generation odrive product. We are just waiting for all of the pieces to come together.

Ensuring automatic photo and video uploads are a thing will make you king in this arena.

+1 This is all needed

Hey Odrive team
Is there any uodate on a timeline for the Mobile app?

Hi @cuanh,
We will definitely announce once we have a solid date.


Is there any update on this? It’s been another two months without any news… Is there a “TestPilot” version that some of us could test out and provide feedback ?

Hi @mattbju2013,
We aren’t opening up the mobile clients to public beta testing yet, but I will post here if that changes.

We’re starting a beta group. Please see here for more information.

Hi. I found the mobile app in the Play Store, so I downloaded it. There’s no user guide or anything, and from looking on here it doesn’t seem like it’s a fully-launched product yet. Can you fill us in? I rely on odrive from the desktop, and integrating that with mobile properly would be great. In particular, can I configure odrive as a browsable drive on my phone? Where are the local files held?

Hi @bazeley.tom,
The odrive mobile app that is out is part of the odrive2 platform, so it requires you to create an account on odrive2, even if you already have one on odrive1. You can then link the storage you want and access it all from your phone.

The app stores its cache in a Documents/odrive_cache folder.

That is great! Any updates on Andriod compatibility?

Hi @vittadavid8,
You can find the Android app for odrive2 here:

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Hey @Tony, Just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the iOS app and tried to login. Odrive did not recognize me and wouldn’t let me find my User ID.

Lemme know if there are any other details you’d like to get from me

Hi @eddyokun,
The mobile apps are part of the odrive2 platform, which is an in-development, new iteration of odrive. It is still in beta, but we have clients for Windows, Web, iOS, and Android. If you are an original odrive user you will need to create a new account on odrive2 for the mobile clients.

Take a look at this post for some additional information: