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I use my phone a lot to access my various clouds but its a PITA when it comes to gdrive as I have 3 accounts and having to sign in and out to find and use what I am looking for can drive me insane. I haven’t noticed an app for this program it all seems to be for the pc which is great and I am really liking what I am seeing so far, but would like to use it on my phone too. I admit to not being tech oriented just an old lady trying to keep track of her knitting patterns without losing any more hair then I already am.


Hi! Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad to hear you are liking what you see so far. Right now we do not have an android client, but it is something that is on our short list. We just have to clear a few other projects first.

We have optimized our webclient for mobile, however. It isn’t a good as the Android app will be, but you may find it useful. Have you given it a shot yet on your phone? https://www.odrive.com

when we will get an app for android?

No solid date yet for Android availability, but we will get to it.

Yeah, I’ve been BEGGING for Mobile Clients for BOTH Android & iOS for YEARS now! This is the same response I’ve gotten every time. Actually what I’ve had in the past has been MORE committal than these even… “an Android app is in the works, an iOS app is in the works!” Still NOTHING.

I think they don’t understand the WHOLE SPECTRUM of applications/workflows that a dedicated Odrive Mobile Client would be used for!

I’ve never had it confirmed, but my guess would be they think that all of the platforms have invested the time and $$ into their own Mobile platforms ALREADY, and as long as you’ve got them synced into Odrive somewhere, eventually it all ends up there, so a Mobile App/Platform would be maybe unnecessarily “redundant!”

But JUST like craftingrama’s explanation above is 1 of the easiest/simplest applications it would provide, in MY case, both internally for my companies and externally with my clients, we would have about a DOZEN different automations & workflows if we could possibly access, search, sync, and even automate activities/actions within our entire cloud storage porfolio using generic Intergration/Automation tools like IFTTT & Zapier, and specific I/A tools that are built into many of the top Marketing Automation platforms, for example, like Active Campaign or Infusionsoft!

In MY own personal brand building case, it would probably double or triple the efficiency of my “Production/Publishing” activities - film, video, marketing, writing, audio, etc… Being able to interface with my “Content Team” in the Philippines FASTER than we currently do, would have ripple effects across our business, our revenues, our clients businesses, etc…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for the love of all that’s holy and in the hopes of saving the last few brown hairs on my head from turning GRAY, make this happen and make it a priority!!!

If for no other reason, than the MASSIVE amounts of Mobile Market Share you could literally STEAL from the biggest players in the industry - AMAZON, GOOGLE, DROPBOX, MICROSOFT, APPLE!!! Are you joking me?!

If the #1 goal of ANY mobile platform is User Access and ability to Push anything you want to your users, then outside of a Social Media Platform, you guys are missing a HUGE, MONUMENTAL opportunity to literally steal a MASSIVE chunk of each of these major company’s Mobile User Engagement & Activity!

YOU COULD INSTANTLY HAVE 100’s of MILLIONS OF EYEBALLS looking through your “lenses” and could therefore put anything you wanted in front of them! a Freemium Mobile Aggregate Platform Model? $100’s of Millions of Dollars just waiting to be scooped up by someone and you’ve already done the MAJORITY of the hard work with your current infrastructure!

You know… stuff like that!


3 months later …

I have told quite a few people about how great ODrive is and I do indeed use it on both of my PC’s. And I keep hearing the same old question over and over again … do they have an Android App? And of course I have to tell them the truth and quite frankly I use XPlore on both my Androids and they do a good job for now of making it quick to get into all my cloud databases. I can’t see shelling out $100 a year though if I can’t use ODrive on all of my devices and especially the ones that travel with me all the time. This is one of those cases of which should have come first. These days it should be a rule that everyone lives by … put it on Android FIRST and then worry about desktop PC’s. I love where this is all going but someone needs to prioritize that short list for the sake of what most people NEED … this is not a want anymore.


The Geekster

We definitely understand the value and want an Android client as soon as possible. You can probably tell we are working on a lot of things, so its just a matter of prioritization. At the moment mobile isn’t at the top, but its getting there…

I realize that our own thoughts on priority can be at odds with some users, but we fully intend to create mobile applications.


I stumbled upon odrive in something of the reverse of this request. I was looking for a desktop version of the Android app [FolderSync] by Tacit Dynamics. I grabbed it when it was the Free app of the day on Amazon, and it isn’t perfect, but it does allow for customized sync (two way, upload only, download only) for quite a few cloud services.

Just wanted to add another voice requesting mobile apps (iOS in my case). Just signed up for odrive, but unlikely to use it on desktop.

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Yes please - proper reliable mobile access seems to me to be very important - other services are overtaking odrive in this respect

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Looks like to me odrive does not care about its users; does not listen to its users, does not care if it loses market share does not care about its shareholders if it has any and if their shareholders are even watching this you’re about to fail big time if you can’t provide this and make it a top priority for people who want/need this feature.

I’m curious if you’re hiding the fact you don’t care from your bosses; I wonder if your bosses realize they are making a BIG mistake by not making you do this.

Seriously… how do you expect me to join in on the bandwagon if I can’t even use it via mobile… I’m already having other problems with this platform which I may end up abandoning and going back to a two platform system which I don’t want to do because odrive saves me hard drive space!

Yes, this has taken longer than we wanted, but it is still planned. We certainly care and understand the need for mobile clients. We are all very heavy users of odrive and cloud storage, after all. :wink:

I can tell you that some work has actually been initiated in this area just within the last week or so. I can’t provide any dates, but we will be bringing mobile clients to our users.


I’m still laughing… this same old answer. (yes I’ve read it all!)

So there seems to be a couple of hot topics. Decryption without ODrive and this one. I know that ODrive is saying they are working on it and it is taking longer than expected. Seeing how these topics are hot and very delayed does ODrive have some type of dev project planning/road map that is available to the public, for example Trello? This way we can see some type of progress instead of open ended responses.

Although the app is nice and in a lot of ways 1 of a kind, without the ability to decrypt outside of the desktop app and not having mobile versions of the app it is very limited. I want to be able to invest fully in Odrive but without these features and without having any planned dates for these features I’m becoming more skeptical if I’ll be able to stick with it.

Thanks for understanding.

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I’m a odrive user since a few hours now and FUCKING LOVED IT, until i just realized there really is no mobile client for it.
What good is it to do all that awesome syncing, when i have no way to do it with the devices i have my hands on most. It’s really sad to see no progress has been made in a year now. I’m in app development and if you did not get it done by now you never will or just don’t think it’s a priority for the benefit of your users- same thing for your clients…

I’m still gonna give it a try until my trial expires, but unless the rest of it really blows me away i don’t see the point of adding the extra money to my monthly storage bill, if it’s still not getting my any closer to what i really want.
Syncing the storage from my NAS or desktop was never a bit problem anyway, but mobile still sucks on a lot of services :frowning:


Have a little faith with the process! They probably have a lot of good suggestions and ideas that they are working on one by one. I’m sure it takes a lot of time and effort to make these programs and i’m happy we can even have a place to post feature requests.

Looking forward to see some of the major ideas being rolled out hopefully soon!!



bump … so is this getting anywhere? We’d probably be less skeptical if there was a dev blog or something …

Thank god I stumbled on this before I paid for the full version!

I have spent the last few days researching all of the available sync clients and services and thought that I had finally decided on odrive being the best of them all. Then last night while showing photos on my phone I realized I had not yet downloaded the odrive mobile app, and would definitely need it to open my files since my buying decision was based mainly on end-to-end encryption with zero-knowledge storage. Imagine my surprise when there wasn’t one! Not only that but it has been over a year and a half now since they “started working on it” and still nothing.

This is a fatal error on odrive’s part and it goes without saying that it renders the entire service 100% useless. Why would you offer file encryption without any way for your users to then open them on their devices?

Here are my sync app requirements:
End-to-End Encryption
Zero-Knowledge Storage
Mobile App
Sync External Folders (keep existing file structure)
Selective Sync
Windows Explorer Integration

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An odrive for Android/iOS will be a gamer changer! Talk about the ultimate backup solution!

Is this still happening i just found that i had no way of mounting a cloud drive on Android that kodi can read.