Odrive Mac sync freezing

Hi guys, I am a new user (well, I tried Odrive before but gave up on it, back for more now…). I have installed the Mac app and used the contextual menu to right click/sync one folder on my Drobo external drive. Odrive has synced some files but seems to have stalled out on others and the Mac app menu bar icon is unresponsive. How can I get the Odrive Mac app to work again? Is sync freezing like this (the files aren’t huge) a common problem? If so it’s going to take me a few centuries to back up my Drobo…Hopefully it’s not time to give up on Odrive again already…

Hi @patrick1
I am using on Mac since November and I transferred more than 2TB so far (both directions), mainly to onedrive (Microsoft). I have seen some issues here and there but never hanging.
Try to kill the process from Activity Monitor and start it again.
General idea: don’t disturb odrive as long as it is not finished - anything disturbing will have impact that sometimes is not what you expect.
Otherwise odrive is so good.

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Hi @patrick1,
You could be seeing some performance issues due to the scale of the networked storage that is being scanned and synced. When you point odrive al a very large repository it can take quite a bit of time to chug through it and, during that process, you can see some non-responsiveness from the menu.

Is the Drobo connected over a wired or wireless network connection?

You can try using the CLI, which is more basic and less prone to be impacted by the overhead of large-scale operations, to see if it gives you a better idea of activity. Take a look at this post here for more information: How can I use the CLI to check odrive status?