Odrive Mac dektop sync client is not syncing subfolders properly

The desktop sync client is not syncing subfolders, despite me right clicking and choosing to download everything, syncing subfolders and saving for new folders and subfolders etc. Any ideas? I have to go in a manually right click every subfolder which is going to take a long time.

Hi @nholloman,
Can you perform a recursive sync on a folder and send a diagnostic when it stops syncing? I can take a look to see why it may be aborting.

I just sent the report.

Hi @nholloman,
I took a look and odrive is trying to expand some files, but is unable to get exclusive access to the item in the folder on the drive. It hits this error enough times that the operation is stopped.

It looks like this is on an external drive. Is this a networked drive or is it physically connected to the system?

I am wondering if the drive access is slow enough that it is causing some race conditions in the bulk expand/download operation, where files are taking longer to access and process.

To try to work around this issue, you can use the CLI to “force” the recursive sync. Take a look at this post here for details on that: How can I force a recursive download with the CLI?

The script will keep retrying when it hits this access error and it should eventually go through, once the processes that are blocking access have finished.

Ahhh. I see. It is an internal HDD that houses the home folder for the Mac. I will give the CLI a try and see what I can do. Thank you! I was thinking this was gonna be a deal breaker despite using o drive happy for like 3 years or so now.

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Hi @nholloman,
Hopefully the CLI will help to get you through the bulk sync and then normal, day-to-day operations will be fine. Just let me know if you run into any issues running the CLI script.