Odrive icon remains after removal from OS X

Hi, installed odrive on osx to review. I uninstalled it due to space limitations using the instructions on your site for OS X and rebooted. The app and all folders are gone, but the odrive icon still shows up in Finder toolbar with “no options available” when clicked. How do I remove this icon?

Please refer to this post for uninstall instructions. You most likely still have the ~/.odrive folder or have not restarted Finder.


I did follow the instruction in the FAQ for removal from OS X (above references Windows). After following all the instructions and deleting all odrive folders from the system. The icon still remains in the Finder toolbar. I restarted the computer several times.
Any suggestions?


What version of OS X are you running?

Just to be doubly sure, can you go to the terminal and type the following?
ls -al ~ | grep odrive

Does that show anything?

OS X 10.11.3
What does that terminal string do? I’m not that familiar with terminal.

It will list any odrive entries in your user home directory. It is how we will ensure that ~/.odrive is removed. If you see the ~/.odrive folder you will need to remove it as per the instructions.

I separated out the windows and mac instructions so it is clearer:

Here’s the terminal response:
Last login: Wed Mar 16 16:08:18 on console
Zachs-MacBook-Air:~ ownerowner$ ls -al ~ | grep odrive
drwxr-xr-x 10 ownerowner staff 340 Mar 16 16:00 .odrive
Zachs-MacBook-Air:~ ownerowner$

I had removed the files from the home directory.


the .odrive directory needs to be removed and Finder restarted. See steps 6 and 7 above.


That did it! Thank you for your help.

how do i get access to this topic? thanks

Hi @dan1,
Here is the thread you are looking for: How do I uninstall odrive?