Odrive freezes my computer every day in the afternoon MET

Almost every day I experience the same phenomenon: around 2-4 pm middle European time (Vienna that is) my pc (W10, Lenovo Intel M-5Y71 CPU @ 1.2 HHz, 8GB RAM) freezes. After a while it recovers, but it changes my keyboard from German to English.

The taskmanager (which appears with crawling speed) tells me that Odrive consumes 250+ MB memory and 26+ % CPU.

Although I love Odrive this behavior is annoying.

Is there any way to curb this?

Hi @Karl_Svozil,
This is very strange. odrive doesn’t have anything that would be triggered on a 24-hour basis. The next time it starts to happen, can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Is there anything else that may be running at that time? It is also possible that something else is running, but its generating disk activity that is reported to odrive and processed, elevating CPU and memory for the duration.

High Tony,

you are right – there is another program using up much resources (albeit not as much as odrive): it is my Thunderbird email client.

I really do not know if & how they interfere; but it would seem suggestive for odrive to “throttle” its resources (and hence it operations) once some critical level of CPU & memory usage occurs.

Just a suggestion.

My first thought was that odrive updates (or checks for updates) on a regular basis; when would that happen (if I am assuming correctly that odrive auto-updates?

Btw, thanks for this great product; would not like to live without it!

Hi @Karl_Svozil,
odrive checks for updates roughly every 30 minutes or so. Everything else done on a periodic basis is generally between 15 minutes to an hour.

When you see it spike again I can take a look at the diagnostic and see if anything stands out.

There was a suggestion here that lowering the CPU priority for odriveapp can help prevent things from getting too bogged down when things are running hot, if you want to explore that as a workaround: Decrease CPU priority so ODrive doesn't interfere with other processes

Thank you, Tony; I shall do this lowering-of-priority for all my programs (incl. Thunderbird).

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