ODrive for Mac + Box - ODrive keeps asking for authorisation


This is partially an update to a previous post I made last year.

I am facing a recurring issue with Box and ODrive. Every day, I am asked to authorise Box to work with ODrive. This appears to only happen when I am using my laptop (2015 MacBook Pro) and desktop (2012 Mac Pro) machines concurrently. The issue disappeared after my last post as I moved to a new country and was only using the desktop machine for a few months. Now that I have both machines back in action, I’m facing the issue daily.

Whilst it’s not a huge issue - I can just click the prompt and reauthorise each day - it is certainly very irritating.

I’d love to know if this is happening with anyone else at all, and if there is any known fix.

Hi @creaturesfarley,
This is a known issue at the moment. It has to do with the way Box manages its tokens, which is a little bit wonky compared to other integrations and odrive does not handle that wonkiness properly. Our next major release (currently in development) will address this issue.

Apologies for the annoyance.