Odrive Finder Extension consumes too cpu (22%) but no synch processes it's esecuting


As in the title: i would like to know why “Odrive Finder Extension” process consumes 22% of my cpu without synchronization process active?

i’m on osx 10.13.3


Hi @william.melatini,
The odrive Finder extension may be reacting to other Finder or filesystem activity. Is there anything else taking up noticeable CPU at this time, besides the Finder extension?

If you toggle the extension on and off via System Preferences -> extensions, does the CPU load subside?


No sync process active no other finder acitivyt. If i toggle off the extension and odrive app, this “odrive finder extension” appears again.


Hi @william.melatini,
Do you see that the odrive Finder Extension is using this much CPU at all times, or only sometimes?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Unchecking the odrive Finder Extension in System Preferences should stay unchecked until odrive is restarted. When odrive is started the Finder extension is started again. Are you seeing that it is re-enabled on its own, without an odrive restart?


This “odrive finder extension” run all time, also when odrive app isn’t active on system.


yes it is re-enabled on its own, without an odrive restart.


Hi @william.melatini,
This is strange behavior. How long does it take for the extension to become checked again after unchecking it?
It should stay like this once you uncheck it:

If you close all of your Finder windows and relaunch Finder (To do this: Hold the ⌥ (alt/option) + right click on the Finder icon in your dock -> Relaunch) does the CPU remain high?

Do you have any other Finder extensions loaded? If so, can you unload (uncheck) those and see if the behavior changes?


odrive finder extension is always present in Activity Monitor with 10%/12% of cpu usage. I haven’t problem with OSX Tab Extension where it reamain always checked.

After Finder Re-lunch on Acativity Monitor “odrive finder extension” reaper immediatly with same cpu usage (about 12%) also if odrive app isn’t active.


Hi @william.melatini,

Are you able to uncheck it? Please uncheck the odrive Finder extension and leave it unchecked, if possible.

Let’s try these steps:

  1. Uncheck the Finder Extension, so it is not enabled in extensions.

  2. Relaunch Finder

  3. In Activity Monitor, if there are still odrive Finder Extension processes, kill them.

This should get rid of that troublesome Finder extension that is causing high CPU. I want to make sure these steps can be performed and the extension is killed before we do more testing.

Can you also tell me if you have any other Finder extensions installed? Are there any more extensions listed besides the odrive extension in the Extensions screen?