Odrive doesn't sync after full hard disk

Dear ODrive,

I had the unfortunate event that my hard disk ran out of space. After I removed some big files, ODrive is not able to sync files.

How to trouble-shoot this? Logs don’t show anything. Is there a way to go into verbose-mode?

I followed the steps described in this post and I’m now resyncing my odrive folder

I still would love that ODrive can provide me with more log-data

Friendly regards,


Hi @tulipit,
Thanks for the update. I’m glad you were able to get things working again.

The next generation clients will have better feedback so it is easier for users to see what might be happening in cases like these.

It is possible that the local client databases ran into issues when the hard drive space ran out, and were causing an issue there.

Hi Tony, thanks for your reply. The recovery process is not going as smoothly as I hoped, but I’m getting there (sometimes odrive gets stuck, and I need to restart the application) I’m really happy to read that the user will get more logging information. This will certainly help.

Cheers, Paul

Thanks for the update @tulipit. It sounds like you may have a lot of data to get through, and that can definitely put some strain on the sync engine during this process. Hopefully things will level out soon.