Odrive checkmark is misleading - folder is NOT in sync

I’m uploading about 4TB of data to Amazon Drive and really need to know that odrive sync is working. I’ve got many folders that are marked by odrive with a nice blue checkmark under file explorer, but when I do random checks on my Amazon Drive site, I find that there are serious discrepancies. For example, my odrive folder in one case contained 59 files, but the Amazon Drive folder had only 37. This file folder should not have been marked as checked, yet it had a blue checkmark when I viewed it on File Explorer. How can I rely on odrive when it misleads me about sync progress?

Hi @huw.morgan,
Are you adding files progressively, or did you add all 4TB to odrive at once?

In some cases, especially during a massive import like you are doing, you can see stale icons. This is because there may be additions or changes in areas of the odrive folder structure that odrive has not yet picked up, because it is busy syncing in other areas.

Since you are still in the midst of a massive bulk upload, my suggestion is to let it run until odrive says that there is nothing else in waiting or actively syncing. At that point everything that you added locally should be in the cloud.

Hi Tony,

My question is pretty similar as the one of Huw Morgan.

Basically, I want to have a way to know for sure that files are on my pc match the files on Amazon. The icons can be misleading in the following example.

When I sync a folder fully, I had the case that I had a blue icon while I still had .cloud-files in them. In my case, this was really dangerous, because I wanted to migrate files from unsynced-and-not-encrypted to unsynced-and-encrypted. If you talk about a huge amount of files that you are migrating, you want to be
100% certain that a folder is fully synced. In my case, it wasn’t, and I ended up with some .cloud-files where I fortunately still had a copy from.

My question to you, is there a way (other than looking at the icons) to now that a folder is fully synced? Preferably like a checksum that you compute on a folder? If not, would you find it a suitable candidate for a feature request?

Friendly regards,


Hi @tulipit,
I addressed this for the Encryptor folders, in particular, in your other thread. However, in general, our next major revision is going to tighten up the badging to make it more definitive, so you do not get these “indeterminate” states during active sync.

Hi @Tony,
Good to hear that your next major revision will make the active sync process states more clear. What tools will this revision have to know that a folder is fully synced? (checksum for example?) As a user, I’m happy to give feedback on this, as I’m using odrive quite heavily.

Cheers, Paul

Thanks @tulipit

We use a variety of things. What methods and optimizations we can use depends on the remote storage, operating system, filesystem, and location of the local folder. I look forward to your feedback once we release.

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