Odrive asking to connect to api.hipchat.com

why is suddenly odrive trying to connect to api.hipchat.com?

Hi @homonto,
The desktop app will send a message to our Engineering team if an unexpected/unhandled exception occurs so they can identify and fix the issue.

The message is basically just a generic stack trace of the error. It doesn’t contain any identifying info, so I actually can’t tell you what yours was since I don’t have a way to look it up.

When a user opts to send a diagnostic report (from the odrive), the desktop client will also send a message out via the hipchat api, but it has a larger payload and will contain identifying info so we can correlate it with a support request.

Did you experience any errors in the app when you noticed the connection attempt?

hi @Tony as far as I remember there was no error during this - I just realised it via my firewall
I was just surprised odrive is asking for connectivity outside usual cloud provider or your company

Thanks for the follow-up @homonto. It is likely that it was a one-off error that happened during an integration request where it returned an unexpected response.