Notification popup reminder

I don’t use notifications for this app, and I don’t plan it in the future. However, I’m getting daily popup reminders that I have the option. This is just as annoying and I want it to stop.
How can I get Odrive to stop reminding me that notifications are a thing?

Hi @r_speth ,
Can you post a screenshot of the pop-up you are seeing?

We can look into adding an advanced option to disable notifications. However, that means that you may miss important messages about items that are unable to sync, which can lead to unexpected sync issues or data loss if you think something has uploaded when it actually hasn’t, because of an issue with the storage. We try to keep the notifications to a minimum, and only pop one when something noteworthy is detected, like files going into the “not allowed” list or files stuck in “waiting” for a long time (aside from trash, which is discussed below).

We already have an advanced feature to disable the trash notifications, since these aren’t as critical as sync-related issues. More on that setting here: Advanced client options

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 3.04.07 PM

I get it, I’ll be missing out on some things. I’m ok with that. I would like a “Don’t show this again” option here.

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