New user questions (mobile, placeholders, storage)


I just downloaded and used oDrive.

I have the following questions (1 & 2 are very important):

  1. I can’t log in to the iOS app. It’s asking me for my Sign-in ID. When I use my email it doesn’t recognise it.
    On the registration process online I used my Dropbox account. It’s the same email. I even tried using “DropBox” as a user which it did recognise but later it failed at the password check.
    I tried signing up as new user but it is asking me for my oDrive ID. What is that?

  2. I want to save local hard disk storage. On my Dropbox I selected “Selective Sync” on certain folders so that I have files only on the cloud. Will these folders appear normally on my oDrive and be accessible as if I had them on the hard disk without using local hard disk space?
    If yes that would be pretty cool because it will effectively create an indirect “SmartSync” as DropBox names it (which is my goal here).

  3. Does oDrive itself also have storage space?

Kind Regards

Hi @costas.michael,

Thanks for giving odrive a try!

  1. Please take a look at this post here for the odrive mobile apps: Where can I find the odrive mobile apps? The mobile apps are part of the odrive2 beta platform, so it requires a separate login

  2. Yes, has what we call “Progressive Sync”. You can “expand” folder to see the content, but keep the files as placeholders, so they do not use any local space unless you choose to download them. odrive defaults to using placeholders, so you can drill to a file 10 folders deep and only sync that one file, for example. Our documentation goes through these concepts here:

  3. odrive doesn’t offer storage, and we do not store any of your files at any time.