New MacBook Pro - odrive is re-syncing all files restored from Time Machine and freezing

As the topic title states, I recently purchased one of the new MacBook Pros and transferred all of my data over to the new laptop via Time Machine. Upon doing this odrive started resyncing ALL files and has been uploading data since Thursday night…first of all, for future reference how can I prevent it from doing this because this is a GIANT waste of resources when I switch from one machine to another and the data is exactly the same and second, I’m submitting diagnostics for your folks because odrive continues to freeze - it seems to be working still, but clicking the icon at the top results in absolutely nothing, I have to force quit and restart it to see what files are being uploaded.

Hi @ryan1,
When you restored from the Time Machine backup, did it restore everything, including the “odrive” folder and the ~/.odrive folder with binaries and configurations?

We haven’t tested this type of a scenario before. It is possible that the file modification times changed on restore, which caused odrive to think the files were updated. My recommendation for this type of move would be the following steps:

  1. Reinitialize odrive, fresh, on the new system and login.
    This can be as simple as deauthorizing the current install (Authorized user->Deauthorize), which will rename the current odrive folder and create a newly-initialized odrive folder, with all placeholders.

  2. With everything still as placeholders in the new odrive folder, move your local data (the contents of the renamed backup odrive folder from step 1) into the new odrive folder, over the top of the .cloudf folders

When dropping local content over placeholders like this, the logic is a bit different and odrive should consider all of the data already in sync, once it scans through it.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above.

As for the tray menu being non-responsive, it is possible that this is due to the large amount of queued items, which may be making the UI sluggish or non-responsive.

I had to re-select the folders for sync and make sure they match up with everything on Amazon, but it does seem to be working much more efficiently now. I don’t want to give it the OK just yet, it normally takes about 30-60 minutes to freeze up and become a problem.

Odrive sync is fine - I have a different issue I’ll post about that’s semi-related.

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