New desktop release today! (05-13-2016)

Hi everyone,

This is an important release in terms of improved responsiveness of the sync client. We’ve made a few changes to tune performance, so you may notice that change detection is more immediate, making the app feel snappier.

This release (Win v5350 / Mac v5381) contains:

  • Important sync tuning change to increase responsiveness
  • Updated placeholder file icons in Mac/Win
  • Bug fixes

We’ll push it out to the autoupdater Monday morning provided that nothing comes up. If you want it early, please grab it from the download links on the usage guide here:

I recommend you give it a shot and let us know how it works out for you.



FYI: A newer build which includes the changes in this release has been pushed to the autoupdater (Win v5354 / Mac v5385). See New desktop and web releases today! (05-16-2016) for more details.

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