Has odrive download performance changed?

I have been using ODrive for sometime, particularly since before you began charging and I have to say the service feels like its reliability, speed, and function has changed. In particular, I feel like it take a long time for filed to “convert” from cloudf to an actual file. Is it just me?

Additionally, I feel like some features which were initially available to early adopters are no longer available.

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You are correct. We implemented a fix for a source that ended up compromising performance in a subtle manner. We are taking out that fix. There will be an update today. Please try it over the weekend and let us know.

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Thanks Peter!
I will keep an eye on it through the weekend.

The release is out (download links posted, autoupdater will get pushed on Monday morning). See New desktop release today! (05-13-2016) for more information, and feel free to go to https://www.odrive.com/usageguide#installdesktop to get the new build right away if you don’t want to wait until Monday for the autoupdate.


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