New desktop and web releases today! (06-09-2016) - New feature for large file uploads!

Are you tired of dealing with issues getting larger files up into the cloud? It would be nice to not have to keep retrying and retrying… eating up bandwidth and generating heat. This release today helps you with that! Details below.

Desktop Release (Win v5445 / Mac v5483):

  • The new Large File Upload (“Infinite File Size”) feature lets you set a size limit so that when uploading files bigger than that limit, we split the file up into smaller parts behind-the-scenes. Now you can get a large file up even with less reliable network connections. Or you can get around maximum file size limits of some cloud storage providers. When viewed through the odrive desktop client, you won’t even know it has been split up on the remote source. See the usage guide and our new medium article for more details.
  • Blacklist .fcpcache (temp folders generated by Mac video library app). This addresses issues seen in this forum post and this one.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

Web Release:

  • Usage guide updates for the new large file upload feature.
  • Bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy the goodies!