New Blog: Enabling File Sync with Apple Silicon M1


Hi odrive users,

For anyone lucky enough to own a brand new Mac with the M1 chip… we’ve got a blog post explaining some of the reasons how and why we work out-of-the-box with Apple’s translation mechanism (Rosetta 2) while other sync apps may not. So don’t forget to install odrive sync on your new Mac today!

Link to blog post:

Note that a fully optimized ARM instruction set app is not currently available, but Rosetta 2 does perform translation work during install time and also on-the-fly as needed. Because some of the translation work is front-loaded, we can optimistically expect translated apps to perform better on Rosetta 2 than was the case with the original 2006 Rosetta built to handle the PowerPC to Intel transition.

Some initial benchmarks from the macrumors site suggest that Rosetta 2 apps could run at about 78-79% native Apple Silicon code, but of course the overall performance of an application as a whole may differ.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions or run into any issues on M1. Also, please like and share the article if you think it’s relevant for you or your friends.


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hi @JeffL
so far issue is NONE for odrive under M1

thank you