Nasty surprise while on vacation

Here is my use case for Odrive. I have a computer at home with a few terabytes of family photos and videos and movies. I subscribed to Amazon Cloud Drive about 12 months ago to back up these precious files offsite. I did not want to manually move stuff around from local to cloud storage, so I started using ODrive at the same time (12 months ago) to automatically keep the local storage synched with the Amazon cloud storage. I also use Plex Media Server and mobile apps to browse my library from wherever I am.

I went on vacation this month and was visiting friends overseas. I wanted to show them some family pictures, so I went to Plex on my iPhone to browse my content. Nothing was available. Embarrassed, I told them I would send them pictures later. I get home from vacation to find that my entire folder that I had synched to Amazon Cloud Drive was replaced with file pointers (e.g. .cloudf for folders and .cloud for files). This just happened this month, as I was able to use Plex just a few weeks ago to watch a movie from my personal library.

Listen up guys, I am too busy to watch my library to make sure that Odrive is not doing things without my consent. I also had “Set Auto Unsync” to Never in the Odrive application on my computer. Something changed this month, where everything was unsynched without my knowledge or consent. Now I am busy redownloading everything again to local storage, but it is going to take at least a few days with my current ISP bandwidth. I am very frustrated right now, but glad my files are safe on Amazon Cloud Drive.

Hi @richlew,
Take a look at this thread here. The root cause was an unprecedented error/bug that Amazon had where they were responding with an empty list of files for all Amazon Drives for about an hour or so.

Thanks Tony. This explains the problem that I experienced. I’m glad to hear that this was an abnormal and hopefully rare occurrence.

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you might want to migrate off of ACD asap. As ACD unlimited is over and after the current billing period for ACD unlimited they’re moving to a new structure. Where each 1tb is 60$ a year. So unless few means 1or2 you might want to choose another provider.