Merge 2 odrive accounts

In attempting to link a second Dropbox account to my odrive, I seem to have accidentally created a second odrive account - one with the same username and email address (it started with a different email address but I changed it hoping that it would just log me in as my existing account). Is there a way to merge these two accounts, as one was created accidentally?

Hi @Alyksandrei,
I didn’t realize you had this post too. There isn’t a way to merge, but you can always close an account you do not want by logging into it and clicking on “close account” from this page:

You can then try to link the second dropbox account to your 1st odrive account. Take a look at this post for some helpful tips on linking more than one storage account type: How do I link multiple accounts of the same type? (You already have that account linked.)

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