Mass restore deleted files


There’s a MASS delete everything - but sometimes odrive thinks files are deleted (strange circumstance) (or thinks I want these files to be deleted) and I think whatever my issue is with this weird situation a mass recover for “deleted” files would be great.


I agree. This would be a nice feature. Thanks for the feedback!


I agree and 2nd the request!
My terrifying experience a month ago was when Windows didn’t boot up the drives in proper order and shifted all the drives by a letter. Not finding the odrive folder and local files & folders, odrive proceeded in deleting/trashing over 600 of my files. And because odrive did not have the All Restore option, but only the All Delete option, I wasted over 3 hours of my time tediously clicking on each file to recover them, or not to delete them.

So, this is another most needed feature request that will help save us from some worries and headaches when the unexpected or unintended strikes. THX!


So is this to say that there is no way to mass recover files in the odrive delete folder. I am facing the same thing and got tired of doing one at a time after doing 100. I came to the forum because I thought there had to be a better way… wow. Better go pop some popcorn, I have 800 to go.

Hi @randall,
It is possible to shortcut the task if you unsync or move out of scope the parent folder containing the files.

For example, if you have several hundred files that you want to restore in a single folder structure, if you unsync the folder that encapsulates all of them, all of the odrive-held deletes are nullified.

You can also do this by moving the folder that encapsulates the trashed files into an area that odrive can’t see. The folder will end up in the trash within a minute or so, after odrive detects the “delete”. You can then restore that folder from the odrive trash, which will nullify the underlying deleted files. After that you can move the folder back to where it was, alongside its placeholder counterpart (this is an optional step, but may be desirable if you have lots of files already downloaded that you don’t want to download again). The placeholder will be removed and odrive will scan the folder to ensure that everything is as it should be.

A “Restore all trashed items” feature has been added in the latest release!

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