Local Copy Sync Incomplete

Hi, new to ODrive. - I jumped the gun a bit and downloaded the client as a way to backup about 10TB of data to amazon drive. I didnt read the fine print and the odrive client then deleted all my local copies and put placeholder files in place. This doesnt work as i need locall copies of all files. I configured the windows client to sync all local data and let it run… and run… and run… Its been running for probably over 30 days at this point, more than enough time to download all files. What i cant figure out is why it isnt downloading the placeholder files proactively for the directory in question. That directory is set to sync and its downloaded about half but most recently has just stoppped and thinks its synced. If i double click on individual files they download one at a time but i cant find a way to simply select all of them and re-download everything. Is there a CLI command line i can use to force the sync or another option? Selecting all 2000 files, right clicking and saying “sync” does nothing other than sync the single file I click. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m a premium member.

Hi @emccauley,
Thanks for reaching out and thanks for being a Premium user!

Take a look at this post for information and potential workarounds using the CLI:

Mac: Says its synced but it isnt
Windows: Odrive not syncing automaticaly

Let me know if you have any questions.