Issue with OneDrive 'Shared with Me'


I’m using a personal OneDrive account and have some files that have been shared to me but I cannot see them on odrive.

I have looked through old topics and can see that you mention the shared functionality is using an old API, is this still working correctly? The ‘Shared with Me’ folder on my machine is empty and if I try to check the folder using odrive on the web I receive the following error:

Cannot browse OneDrive/Shared With Me. Microsoft OneDrive error.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @dazjjackson,
Apologies for the trouble on this.

Yes, there is an issue with the Shared With Me folder on OneDrive. We need to push out a fix for this, but the development hasn’t been completed yet.

I don’t have a timeline to provide, but I’ll update this thread and we will post to our release notes when we have the fix.

Hi @Tony ,

All good here if you are aware / working on it!

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Hi @dazjjackson,
This has been addressed in our latest release:

The previous implementation was read-only for the Shared With Me folder, but this new iteration allows for writes/modifications. This behavior requires a new scope for linking, which means you may need to do one of the following to be gain write access:

  • Option 1
    - Go to
    - Find the odrive listing and click on it
    - Click on “Remove these permissions”
    - Once the existing access token expires, odrive will ask you to re-authenticate with Microsoft and the new scope will be added.

  • Option 2
    - Unlink and relink the OneDrive account

Hi @Tony,

Thanks for the update, I went for option 1.

To force the token expiry I logged out of odrive web after removing the permissions and then back in again which prompted the re-authentication.

After a restart of odrive desktop the files started syncing and have confirmed that I was able to add new ones too :grinning:

Thanks again for the prompt resolution.

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